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Dear Friend,

One month ago, 20 first-graders and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School lost their lives in a senseless act of violence that never should have happened.

Following the tragedy in Newtown, the Brady Campaign was asked to supply the White House with recommendations for serious, game-changing legislation to reduce gun injuries and deaths. We submitted this information to Vice President Biden's task force on January 11, outlining a comprehensive approach on the issue.

Today — after weeks of discussion with stakeholders from all sides — President Obama announced a roadmap for progress on preventing gun violence.

I am pleased to see many of our proposed solutions reflected in today's announcement by the President. But make no mistake...  This is only the first step toward making America a safer, more secure nation.

Those who oppose common-sense measures to prevent gun violence are counting on fear, disinformation campaigns, and political gridlock going forward.

That's why it's so important for you to stay engaged on this issue.

In the coming weeks, the Brady Campaign will be working with President Obama and members of Congress to ensure all Americans — not just supporters of the gun lobby — have a voice in our ongoing national conversation about gun violence.

To ensure the breadth and diversity needed in this discussion, we are already planning our next special briefing call for Brady Campaign supporters.

Last week, thousands of fellow Americans joined us via phone to begin a national conversation about public safety measures like universal background checks. At the end of the call, we promised to share answers to the top three questions submitted by participants.

Those Q&A details are now available on the Brady Campaign website here, along with a recording of our conversation.

On behalf of the Brady Campaign and our supporters, I'm so grateful to all those who have stepped up and put partisanship aside so we can make real progress on meaningful, common-sense reforms. Our President, Vice President, and many other elected officials have shown tremendous leadership on this issue.

I'm also deeply grateful for your generosity and support of the Brady Campaign at this critical time.

There is much to do in the days ahead. But I believe — as you do — that America is ready to do better.

Dan GrossSincerely,
Daniel Gross Signature
Dan Gross, President
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

P.S. In the coming weeks, we'll invite supporters to continue our national conversation about preventing gun violence — this time in "Town Hall" format. Watch for our Save-the-Date e-mail, and please join us via phone so you can add your voice to the discussion.


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Read our policy recommendations to the White House.



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