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WHEN YOU JOIN BRADY you are adding your voice to the overwhelming majority of Americans tired of living with the tragedy of gun violence in our streets, schools and communities.
WHEN YOU JOIN BRADY you are saying “NO!” to the guns everywhere agenda of the gun lobby and the politicians who do their bidding; You are standing up against their efforts to bring guns to college campuses , to make it easy for anyone to carry a loaded, hidden gun, and to spread the violent vigilante mentality of “shoot first ask questions later.”
WHEN YOU JOIN BRADY you are saying “YES!” to sensible policies like Background Checks on all gun sales that will prevent criminals and other dangerous people from purchasing and carrying guns without preventing responsible, law abiding citizens from owning guns.
JOIN BRADY.  Make your voice count.  Together we will send our elected leaders a message they can no longer ignore.  Together we will end this crisis of gun violence in our nation once and for all.

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